Monday, July 13, 2009

p'p-p-poker faceeeee

deck Pictures, Images and Photos

joker, queen. Don't play your face
I might hold Royal, or even straights
pairs anyone?
you give me the eye
a bluff?
my call?
its all a lie


Driving in the car, window down
drinking in the city perfume
Watching people pass.
I never could imagine
I'd have so much on my mind.


Just another number.
Thats what I was I guess.
Another mark of chalk
Another returned mess.

Just another number.
Folded and put away.
Make sure its folded nice
and tight
You might want me
on a Rainy Day.

Another number
for the hall of names
of who gets who.
A dizzy game

sad to say you wouldn't
play cat and mouse
with me.
sad to say I'm just a card
in a deck of fifty three

oh well I guess
I grab my hat
slip my sunglasses on

you never knew I held the ace
and sweetie, now I'm gone

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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Vintage Pictures, Images and Photos
vintage Pictures, Images and Photos
dresses with flirty skirts
flavored lip gloss
pajama shirts
i'm a girl

starry skies with starry eyes
nights on the town
nights in

being told i'm beautiful
calling someone beautiful
dancing and dress up
we never grow up

fairy tales and scandals
high heels and sandals
chocolate dipped strawberries
trying to be healthy

i am a girl

no matter what i say
i want a prince
to save the day

proms. pink. pretend.
romance. roses. red.
singing. sweet. showers.
free. forever. flowers.

i am a girl.