Monday, July 13, 2009

p'p-p-poker faceeeee

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joker, queen. Don't play your face
I might hold Royal, or even straights
pairs anyone?
you give me the eye
a bluff?
my call?
its all a lie


Driving in the car, window down
drinking in the city perfume
Watching people pass.
I never could imagine
I'd have so much on my mind.


Just another number.
Thats what I was I guess.
Another mark of chalk
Another returned mess.

Just another number.
Folded and put away.
Make sure its folded nice
and tight
You might want me
on a Rainy Day.

Another number
for the hall of names
of who gets who.
A dizzy game

sad to say you wouldn't
play cat and mouse
with me.
sad to say I'm just a card
in a deck of fifty three

oh well I guess
I grab my hat
slip my sunglasses on

you never knew I held the ace
and sweetie, now I'm gone

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