Friday, May 22, 2009

can't stand...can't fight

Fight Club Pictures, Images and Photos
fight club. Pictures, Images and Photos
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sometimes words can't describe
the way i feel inside
try to find the thing to say
everything evaporates
and melts away

and all that's left is my soul
bruised, bleeding, raw
after a beating so brash
i can't stand at all

i can't see
because of my black eyes
i can't hear
because the blood
drowns the noise

my heartbeat is loud
my stomach is tight
they still want more
another fight

what if i can't?
find the strength to stand
what if I want to
melt away in the sand

sticky and hot
worn to a pulp
no place to turn
everywhere is cold

so i won't try to say
what i'm feeling right now
i'll just let it settle
and hopefully fade out.

still going strong
everyone wants to see
if i'll last very long

cheers from the crowd
willing me to my feet
do they want a triumph
or another defeat?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ode to my favorite tale of breaking spells and kissing.

Sleeping Beauty Pictures, Images and Photos
Sleeping Beauty Pictures, Images and Photos
Sleeping Beauty Pictures, Images and Photos

Cursed to be in endless sleep
you came to me, danced in my dreams
I struggled to balance, feel alive
You offered passion's rocky dive

Hair of gold, and lips of red
shouldn't go untouched you said
So you took me by the hand
and waltzed me into fairy land

I didn't question
I couldn't speak
I could only
give you me

We danced through clouds
of cotton candy
you lifted me
to Heaven's landing

I couldn't help but prick myself
collapse in coldness
and slip under the spell

you fought the dragon
slayed the enemy
all to save me
all to have me

who said fairy tales don't exist?
you broke the spell with true loves kiss

Sunday, May 10, 2009

life is a...

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they say life is a circus
but i don't think its true
my heart was stable
before i met you

the moment we met
i was walking the high wire
a balancing act
as we danced through the fire

a performer by nature
you took to the stage
the dusty ring and hot lights
the audience's rage

i was more shaky
not sure on my feet
but it didn't matter
i was forced to trapeze

flying through air
that smelled of popcorn and candy
i gasped for breath
but came up empty

the high's and the lows
forced me to suspend
my body out of control
my heart in your hands

life was a black and white
before i met you
safe. secure. easy.
breezy. trusted. true

life's not a circus
love's the real show
i just hope i survive
the spotlights hot glow

round and round and round we go
dancing, balancing, our two act

jumping off will be quite the fight
but not as hard as surviving spotlight

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

red tricycle love

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goodbye my red tricycle love
with blue handle bars
we shot for the moon
ended up on mars

training wheels only get you so far

you were a rickety ride
as you charged me inside
pummeling through me
scraped knees are ugly

don't think i won't miss
the lazy, slow glide
the breezy way you make me
feel alive

cotton candy stops
ice cycle pops
spring rain on my cheeks
has turned to tear streaks

so i'll miss you, my red tricycle love
but its time for a two wheeler
all i needs a shove

and i'm off in the sunset
flying free
reminiscing the memories
of you riding with me

Monday, May 4, 2009