Friday, May 22, 2009

can't stand...can't fight

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sometimes words can't describe
the way i feel inside
try to find the thing to say
everything evaporates
and melts away

and all that's left is my soul
bruised, bleeding, raw
after a beating so brash
i can't stand at all

i can't see
because of my black eyes
i can't hear
because the blood
drowns the noise

my heartbeat is loud
my stomach is tight
they still want more
another fight

what if i can't?
find the strength to stand
what if I want to
melt away in the sand

sticky and hot
worn to a pulp
no place to turn
everywhere is cold

so i won't try to say
what i'm feeling right now
i'll just let it settle
and hopefully fade out.

still going strong
everyone wants to see
if i'll last very long

cheers from the crowd
willing me to my feet
do they want a triumph
or another defeat?

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  1. You shouldn't post these publicly, they're too good.