Sunday, May 10, 2009

life is a...

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they say life is a circus
but i don't think its true
my heart was stable
before i met you

the moment we met
i was walking the high wire
a balancing act
as we danced through the fire

a performer by nature
you took to the stage
the dusty ring and hot lights
the audience's rage

i was more shaky
not sure on my feet
but it didn't matter
i was forced to trapeze

flying through air
that smelled of popcorn and candy
i gasped for breath
but came up empty

the high's and the lows
forced me to suspend
my body out of control
my heart in your hands

life was a black and white
before i met you
safe. secure. easy.
breezy. trusted. true

life's not a circus
love's the real show
i just hope i survive
the spotlights hot glow

round and round and round we go
dancing, balancing, our two act

jumping off will be quite the fight
but not as hard as surviving spotlight

1 comment:

  1. That last para needs one more line to close it up, I think. IMO. You can think of something!! It's another fabulous poem. NOTE: something along the lines of surviving the heat of the spotlight, the audience etc. would be cool.