Friday, November 27, 2009


Why. Its a funny word. Why Can mean so much. Can want so much. I find myself asking it often lately. And the logical answer is of course that Why's happen. Why's are the reason we live. Why does it hail on us the moment we think things will go okay? Why do we go through phases of loving and hating ourselves and not understanding Why? Why can't we understand where we come from and with that live with a peaceful reassurance? Why do we fall in love...why do we fall in hate...why do we accept someone completely, but someone else we turn away? Why do the holidays make us think about things that matter. Why Do things Matter? People matter. Why? Relationships matter. Why? Why are we our own worst enemies? Why do we create a world of slashed colors and restricted principals? Why are we afraid? Why do we give in? the midst of chaos do we find the hero in ourselves? Why. Why. Why. A whiny word. An annoying word. But more than a word...a philosophy. And I think it exists in the world we live. Why floats around us like a hazy smog. And Why? I wish Why would go away. Sometimes.

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  1. All good questions. All must be answered by you and only those answers really matter, because they are yours.