Friday, April 16, 2010

learning to walk on my hands

I feel like this new year has so far been
One: Amazing
Two: A journey
Three: Full of discovery
Four: Learning to walk on my hands...

Our entire lives we are told to walk on our feet. I have to say, I have always wanted to rebel and be the one person at the mall stumbling my way around upside down. This may seem strange. But if you haven't already picked up on the fact that this is an analogy for life, perhaps you should do a handstand or two, come back, and read again.

Yes. I want to walk on my hands.
Yes. I believe in fairy tales.
Yes. I think every moment of life CAN be a fairy tale
And Yes. I have disappointments and heartache and setbacks...but that's what makes me more exited to turn the page. Every day can be its own story, every hour might have a new dragon for me to fight, but I want to fight it. I want the hard parts...because then I can have the happily ever after. And start all over again the next day with Once Upon a Time.

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