Wednesday, December 30, 2009

list for 2010, plus a glance back at '09

My list for 2010
find at least one amazing thing in every single person I meet
discover the depth of my spirit
Make more time for my relationship with God
Record my first demo CD
Write a song that says exactly what I need to hear when the hard times come
Finish my novel. Yes, Snow White and the Seven Mirrors is just dying to pour out of my head
get GOOD on guitar
go on a trip with my family
go on a trip with my friends
road trip to somwhere...and not know where I'm going til I get there
cliff jumping. Again :-)
make time for old friends
kiss someone in the rain :-)
overcome at least one fear. Maybe I'll eat a fried grasshopper...they DO sell them at hot topic
Read stories as a princess to the kids at Bekah's school
continue my dedication to health and fitness.
Perhaps I will give up my energy drink of choice...rockstar :-)
Actually WRITE IN MY JOURNAL. I write everywhere my journal
befriend someone new. Befriend MANY someone's new. I love making new friends
take a film class
audition for something I would be too scared too normally
keep my car in a relatively neat condition :-) Bunny deserves to be treated right
give thanks. To everyone who makes me better. Parents. Siblings. And my amazing amazing friends.
Look for those having a bad day and help them smile
perspective. I need to keep it in mind.

09 wasn't such a bad year. a rollercoaster of ups and downs, opening my heart, learning to trust in a better plan, and seeing the beautiful in alot of people.


  1. This sounds like a great plan for 10! I love seeing all the things you did in 09. It has been a crazy year for a lot I think. It felt like a year for firsts- I am glad its over but I will never forget it!!

  2. Jenn, this list is fantastic. You are so awesome, I really look up to you :)

  3. I've been looking but can't seem to find it (I'm painfully skill-less at blogs still) but what are the names of your novels?