Sunday, February 13, 2011

playing around with lyrics

I don't believe
you get one chance
and once its past- its gone
I don't believe you get one dance
and you lost if you get it wrong
I do believe our dance has made us dizzy
And for awhile now my head and heart
have been spinning

So you tripped over my heart
the second we fell apart
It hurt, I admit for a moment
A moment that lasted too long
Sometimes I'm caught, still lost in our song
But the music still calls to me
I'm shaking, but I'm standing
Unsteady but brave I take another hand
I'm not afraid to dance again.

Who said you get one
Once Upon a Time?
I believe in one happy ending
But once upon a times
I think you get at least
a dozen times
I'm shaking but I'm standing.
I'm gonna get my ending.

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