Friday, April 24, 2009

conquered hero

give up this kind of passion? you can. i won't.
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just another round of pixie dust
thats worn off my old wings
i'm falling back to earth
hurt, heavy, cold, crashing

all that you said you were
you weren't
all those masks you wore
aren't yours

and now the dance is over
and now i'm getting Older
now i see the face of you
is shadowed from my distant view

you claimed you wanted to fight
for love
you claimed you wanted challenge

now you're a dismounted hero
swimming in Defeat's swamplands

you'd rather have it easier
you'd rather it be boring
predictable is where you're at
though i know inside you're roaring

you're passion won't just go away
you can't run from feelings
i've just learned, and its hard to say
one day you'll face my bleeding

you can hide the evidence
of your emotion
but the crime's committed
you'll drown in it's ocean

i dare you to forget me.
i dare you to run away.
i dare you to forget my eyes
when they look at you That Way.

Forget the thrill
the shivers, the rush
forget my warmth
and glow that's crushed

battered wings
no fairytale

crash from clouds
is always fatal

our love was a cupcake
never frosted
so who's to say
if we loved or lost it?

pixie dust, wearing thin
i can't breath, and you gave in
you conquered hero
don't look at me
you couldn't fight
you couldn't see

even though my wings are tattered
i'm still me, and thats what matters

sell yourself to a comfortable love
hang up Passion's boxing gloves

Because I know
you can't talk yourself into Love
without always fighting to feel In Love.

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  1. A very moving, raw, passionate purge. Excellent. Needs to be on facebook. * coughs *