Wednesday, April 22, 2009

war and peace? love is war.

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dancing in the ring, we're both light on our feet
me a little more than you, but it comes with defeat
i watch for all signs of weaknesses
see the hesitation
hesitation can be weakness
i could jab at that.

but i don't.

we circle.

you throw a left
right in my eye
because you want to see
the blood and bruising in my soul
thats seeping now from me

my breath catches
because it hurts
but the adrenaline kicks in
pumps courage through me
i don't fall
i'll never give in

i'm good with right hooks
so i use one
hit you in the jaw
you look surprised
that i dared strike
and now its getting raw

nothings more intense
than the way you watch me dance
like a tiger on the prowl in heat
you advance gracefully in this hungry meet

there's beauty in this blood
there's honesty in flesh
there's swagger in your body
there's fear in me thats fresh

man to woman we dance
fire in the fight
people never promised love
had to be Right.

then you go for the kill
striking until I fall.
My head hits hard.
Black stars attack
I can't feel pain at all.

All I feel is you.
You are the pain
All I hear is cheers
your fans or mine?
its all insane

But I won't give up
I won't give in
I am a fighter
I stand again
You reach for me
and pull me in

Inside I'm aching, you're conquering
We must keep dancing in the ring

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