Tuesday, April 7, 2009

unraveling relationships

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fluttering to a dark descent
slithering past the stars and moon
falling over and over again
is what happens when i think of you

i thought i could lie to my heart
thought i could make a clean break
i thought i could close the book
but no goodbye's ever felt so fake

i can still feel the pages
slipping between my fingers
i can still feel you
between the words

i can still remember
dancing on the sea
and how my fears
got the better of me

i'm still scared.
don't get me wrong.
but i feel like i'm ready
to live the song

let your melody crash inside me
let you in
let you hold me.
let the story begin

i let everything unravel too soon.
tore up the book
and shot down the moon.

whats wrong with this

she runs whenever she likes a fella'.

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