Thursday, April 2, 2009

picking petals

Turning over a new leaf. Or picking petals. I am plucking the petals out of my old garden and starting a new one. I want this garden to be Nawlins' style. Romantic, beautiful, leafy, lush, and full of every kind of flower and lily under the sun. Cobblestones from all over the world, and moonlight from Paris. I started by cleaning my VERY messy, ridiculously cluttered room. Going on a year since my sister was married, and left alot of her belongings in there. Monday night, I got into a kind of frenzy. I just needed space. I needed to make my own garden. And I needed to start THEN. So I did. And I'm happy to report that it is already helping me breathe easy. And the writing juices have been flowing (not blog wise) but in my young adult fiction story. When the writing juice flows, the garden is always full of daisies.


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