Saturday, April 18, 2009

cruel beauty in the cold

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i didn't know how beautiful you were
until i was looking in from outside
i didn't see everything you are
until i let you go with goodbye

and now it hurts
in places i didn't know could hurt
and now it burns
in spaces i didn't know could burn
now i'm aching with something so intense
and everytime i think of you
nothing in me makes sense

i wasn't ripe, i'd barely sprouted
but you picked me still
i thought i'd died from too much pruning
but my blossoms only chilled

frozen in space
hanging on a vine
dangling ripely
ready for a bite

but gardens come and go with seasons
i need rain and sunlight to grow
i am drenched in stormy feelings now
because i let you go

maybe enough rain
can wash away the aching
maybe enough storms
can stop my heart from breaking
maybe enough winter
can salve my bleeding soul
maybe i have yet to learn
there's cruel beauty in the cold

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